Wm Cole Smith, Jr

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Author, Speaker


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Green Zebra Media

Cole Wm Cole Smith, a digital media consultant, speaker, radio host, author, visionary, and entrepreneur.

Since 1989 his experience has evolved in the field of digital media, online brand management, online marketing and online content distribution solutions. 

If you are looking for an expert solution that really understands digital media, virtual learning solutions or building your brand online contact 800.777.3562.  

  • Produced award winning travel, history, science, online learning course
  • Written over 15 Entrepreneurial business books
  • Produced 75 documentaries and developed hundreds of on line education courses since 1989
  • Creating a global online video advertising network ELOC Network
  • Created ELOC Digital Media an advertising agency to resell ELOC Network Services
  • Creating Green Zebra Media and advertising agency to help companies develop their online brand marketing strategies.


Now, utilizing years of experience, knowledge, expertise and passion for web technologies leverages online distribution channels to distribute marketing messages to hundreds of thousands of consumers around the globe.Online Digital Marketing Resources


As the founder of ELOC Digital Media , the passion continues to reach beyond desk tops computing, technology continues evolves expect the impossible to be possible.  ELOC Digital Media is an integrated online digital marketing agency that  delivers brand  marketing and content distributiion from local to global markets through ELOC Network


The Internet provides incredible opportunities for joint ventures and partnerships! Delivering digital products to a global market place has never been so simple.

Cole "The Story"

From conceptual ideas to special Interest programing began in 1989 at age 27 in Nashville Tennessee.

Selling a conceptual special interest documentary program was no eazy task.  Mistakes after mistake and the will to win.

His passion for travel and educational documentaries began as a hobby while working in corporate america, Through his own corporate travels he was curious about history and understanding why certain cities and local entertainment was so important to the local economy through out the united states.  The conceptual ideas at the time was to inform and educate the general public through video presentations about his own travels and experiences.  Thinking most people wanted to learn, wanted to travel, wanted to see see more.  Most importantly they wanted entertainment.  So the video production process began by writing the script.  Have absolutely no experience began an educational experience all to its self.  So the journey began!